The Bulldog Story



Built to withstand the rugged realities of surfing in the waters of Northern Europe, we couple high-quality materials with features inspired by years of experience and feedback from the surf communities we serve.

From dry bags that offer protection from torrential rain to reflective board covers that keep the sun off your stick, our whole range is designed with the knowledge of exactly what your gear has to go through. The result? A collection of surfing essentials that are heavy-duty and hassle-free.



When it comes to designing hardware for the everyday surfer, we understand the best products are the ones you never have to worry about.

So, whether it’s adding extra foam to our board covers, super-strength webbing to our softracks, or shock-absorbent urethane to our leashes, we always go the extra mile to maximise durability.

And while we’re always looking to innovate further, we hope our longevity as a brand stands as testimony to the trust our customers have in the products we produce.



Since the beginning, value has been a core part of our ethos, with the desire to create high-quality but reasonably priced products that are at the centre of everything we do.

For us, that means designing a range that features only the essentials and steers clear of any marketing gimmicks or unnecessary design flourishes. While we never comprise on materials or build quality, we’re proud to offer a product that allows surfers to get out there without breaking the bank.